Evaluating Enterprise Telephony For Microsoft Teams

Table of contents:

Introduction to telephony in Microsoft Teams

  • Telephony not included

Adding telephony to Teams

  • Microsoft Calling Plans
  • Direct Routing

The challenges of Microsoft’s communication stack

Microsoft Phone System

Evaluating Microsoft Calling Plans for enterprise requirements

Direct Routing—an alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans

Third-party Direct Routing options

  • Basic access.
  • Direct Routing-as-a-service
  • Enhanced Microsoft Teams telephony service

What to look for in a Teams telephony partner

  • The right features
  • Vendor capability
  • Third-party integration
  • Security
  • Reliability and support

About RingCentral Cloud PBX for Teams

  • Advanced PBX capabilities
  • Enterprise-grade
  • Enhancing your calling solution, together

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