Is remote work sustainable? 

Is remote work sustainable?:

Why building a "connected culture"is the secret?


  • When employers actively build a "connected culture" for remote employees—which includes not just technology but a dedication to building interactivity—those employees report higher levels of productivity and well-being.
  • When segmented by gender, the data indicates that challenges for women in the workplace have continued in the virtual environment.
  • In a remote-work environment, employees struggle most with group work (or team-based work), especially women. Collaboration technology can play an important role in resolving this issue.
  • While many employees have struggled to adjust to working from home, some are thriving. These "remote champions" maintain high levels of productivity, as well as a healthy work-life balance.
  • Surprisingly, caretakers report much higher levels of productivity working remotely, perhaps because of increased flexibility in their schedules.